What would you call your photography style?

I'd like to see my photography categorized somewhere between lifestyle, documentary, visual poetry, gives-you-all-the-fuzzy-feelings, photojournalistic magic. 

What's your dream photo session?

Anything where people can be most genuinely themselves.
My heart is most in my work when people let me into their lives to capture the candid everyday moments that tell who they are and who they love.
Storytelling is at the core of my love for this art form. 

What's your gear?

My drug of choice is Canon. 
I currently shoot with the 5D Mark IV.
Addicted to Sigma Art Lenses. 

Do you travel?


How long have you been shooting?

I've been playing with cameras since I was little. 
I didn't seriously step out into the photo world until 2007.
 I'm mortified and embarrassed when I look back at my first
sessions, and I think that being pained by it shows how much I've (thankfully) grown.

Do you shoot weddings?

I do! Or should I say WE do!
My beautiful sister-in-love, Laura Spiggle, and myself are proud owners of Lemonjam Photography, which specializes in wedding photography.
We love taking on your crazy and best-day-evers together
and we're a pretty rad team. 


I gotchya.
We can definitely send each other 29843293 images of color ideas and outfits until you feel like you can breathe ;] 

What if my kid cries?

I personally think crying children are part of real, honest, life.
So I'm not scared of that, or capturing it.
That being said, I know you'd still like some images of your happy camper.
I'm a momma of 3 and I know the best tactics to make kids feel comfortable, and if I fail at getting any smiles at all -- we can call it off and try again another day. 
Spoiler Alert: I've never yet had to do that <3

How do we get our images?

I'll email you a private gallery of all of the beautifully crafted, high-res images. 
You can share it with family + friends, and download them as many times as needed.
If you need the images on disc, those are available for purchase.

Do you offer prints?

Prints can be purchased directly through your image gallery. 
Your most important images deserve high quality printing. 
If purchased via your gallery, all of your photos will be printed by a professional photo lab using the highest quality materials. 
Canvases are also available!

What's with the cactus logo, lady? We live in Upstate NY.
I was born + raised in Tucson, Arizona. 
I identify greatly with the west coast, specifically the desert. 
At about 14 years old, I moved to South Florida, and I used to pretend the clouds were mountains if I squinted my eyes. 
Sometimes I still do that here in New York.
What can I say?
My heart is just tethered to the Grand Canyon State! 

If you have any other questions, that are frequently and not so frequently asked, shoot me an e-mail!
Don't be a stranger, stranger :]