megan + nick.

I had the absolute pleasure of doing an engagement session
for Megan + Nick inside of The Brainery's beautiful Green Room. 

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I asked Megan and Nick to tell me a little bit more about themselves,
and to take a few questions and both take time to answer
them individually. 


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When she sent me their responses back, 
I may or may not have read them in my kitchen
while ignoring my children
and also sobbing over my stove. 

Because loving someone and being in love = the grandest things ever. 


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Megan + Nick met in high school -- their first date was to Black Creek Park. 

 "We will never forget it because it was the buggiest/ hottest days of the summer. Nick went away in the military as a Marine and we rekindled our friendship a couple years later (long distance)," Megan recounts. 

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I asked Megan when it was she knew that Nick was the one: 

"I knew he was the one when I finally got to see him after a couple years. I flew to California to see him and I was sooo nervous.

I could barely breathe, my hands were sweaty.

The moment I saw him walking through the airport I knew all of my fears and anxieties left me.

He made me feel at peace.

To me, Nick is my home.
He’s my comfort.
My safety.
My life.

He came into my life when I wasn’t expecting it, and that is the best kind of love.
I knew he was the one I was waiting for."

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"I knew Megan was the one from the first day she came out to California.

I experienced a feeling of comfort and ultimate happiness that I have never felt before, the few short days she was visiting felt like we’ve been together for years.

From that moment on we’ve not only been dating, but best friends."

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We were truly blessed with an amazing element to their engagement session, which was
a floral backdrop created by a wildly creative floral duo, Pistil & Pollen. 

(find them on Instagram, here!


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So if you have any crazy stunning floral dreams you'd like accomplished in any
of your sessions, make sure to reach out to Pistil & Pollen, because they are full
of all the things that dreams are made of. 


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Music being a large creative strand that I think knits
together all my other creative thoughts and tendencies --
I love asking people what songs make them think of one another. 

It kind of gives you a little window into lyrical connections, 
and tunes that make their love story soar. 


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"The song that makes me think of Nick is 'You Make It Easy' by Jason Aldean.

'See forever when I see your face
and I swear God made you for me, 

you're my sunshine in the darkest days --
my better half, my saving grace.
You make me who I wanna be'

These two verses I relate to every time that I am belting out this song.
He truly is my sunshine through my darkest days.
I rely on his words, comfort, and wisdom.
I believe we both work together to be who we want to be.

Nick makes me want to be the best version of myself."


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"Good Morning Beautiful by Steve Holy

The first verse of the song is honestly how I feel every day I wake up next to Megan.

 The second verse says it all -- after a rough deployment I was at a low point in life.
But months later when Megan and I started dating I had never felt more comfortable and content knowing I had her through everything. 

'Good morning, beautiful, how was your night?
Mine was wonderful with you by my side.
And when I open my eyes to see your sweet face,
it's a good morning, beautiful day.
I couldn't see the light, I didn't know day from night,
I had no reason to care.
Well, since you've came along, I can face the dawn --
 I know, you'll be there.'"


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"My favorite memory with Nick was driving cross country from California to Upstate NY with my best friend.

Visiting, exploring, finding random hotels in the night...the uncertainty of it all.
We were by far the best Dave Matthews cover band!

Windows down, hair blowing, and singing our hearts out.

I fell in love with him during this adventure and I never wanted it to end."


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"The hardest question, being there have been so many amazing memories and more to come.

I have to say my favorite memory was the day she said yes.

It was an indescribable feeling of happiness and love."

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So there you have it. 

Megan + Nick in all of their adorable, good kinda feeling, young love. 
They had me smiling ear to ear after reading their e-mail responses. 

Because doesn't it just feel good to read about the tiny glimpses of love
regardless if you know the person or not?

It's what the world needs more of, friends. 


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All the thanks to
Rochester Brainery 
Pistil & Pollen

and Megan + Nick for sharing their hearts.


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