The Burkes // A Velveteen Session

What is a Velveteen you might wonder?

I derived the name from one of my favorite books of all time:
The Velveteen Rabbit. 

Being real happens when are truly loved for a long time. 

My Velveteens were created out of the anthem that I live by which is that real is magic. 
There is other magic, too. 
But the truest form of it, is when we are unapologetically ourselves. 

Nothing fancy.
Nothing pretentious. 

Just life as we are. 
Love where it meets us. 

I often get asked the question what my favorite thing to shoot is. 

288% these sessions. 

A lot of people get a rush from
hiking to a mountain top
being at a far away island
wonders of the world
tucked far away.

My heart beats fast when I pull into the driveway
of a home I've never been to. 

When I know I'm about to be in the corner of memories unfolding.

The touch of hands. 
The smile across the room.
The wind on a summer day dancing between the curls in your hair. 

When I leave, I am full. 
Ready to explode. 

Does anyone know what I just got to witness? 

Does anyone know the sacred moments that happen in every home?

The ones that feel mundane as we live them day to day. 

But here they are, on the back of my camera, my heart is bursting like I've just struck gold and no one even knows it's nearby. 

Velveteens are either 3 hours or full day sessions. 
I become a fly on the wall, and you simply live. 


Featured here is the Burke family in all their glory. 
Their peonies, and laughter, and love, and sowing, and harvesting. 

The laundry on the line, aged words in books. 
The beauty in home making; living a simple and good life. 

Growing a legacy at the dinner table
in the garden
at the kitchen counter
in being present for moments. 

I hope the love you see here
in photos + video
is palpable. 

I carried it with me for days after. 

Because to me, one of the natural wonders of the world is


what home is
what love is
what real is

I give you the Burkes. 


(just a few out of hundreds of photos)
*video down below*

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